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+ GOSPEL (Mt 25,1-13)
Here is the groom! Meet him!
D - The parable of the ten virgins teaches us that Jesus is only if the heart remains waiting for the meeting, so vigilant, should also be the lamp of faith burning.
Many are deluded to know Jesus and to pray with special affection, but do not realize that they do not have the watchful heart and the Faith is not that it is very inflamed ...
We can not perceive Jesus unless we enter into his supernatural state, we are within a time limit and space, we need to arise with the spirit and begin to listen to it. If someone speaks to us without using one mile distant instruments, we can not listen to it, as far as we approach, we perceive the words until they understand it perfectly.
We need to approach Jesus, detaching ourselves from material things.
Each one of us follows in his action or the five fools of the parable or the five wise men. Tertium not dated. There are those who alter the two behaviors, while others walk imperiled on the wrong way, even knowing what they are doing.
The consequences are imagine, as the Gospel tells us. The foolish virgins remained without the oil of the Faith when the Lord came, those wise men had kept watch over, then living in virtues, in prayer, in Faith Faith.
Oil indicates the perseverance of Faith, spiritual vigilance, and allows the lamp to give light.
It is the lamp of living alive to Jesus.
Living without faith and love for Jesus, prevents from entering the Kingdom of Heaven, it stay out and then the terror begins to scream but the Lord will answer: "Truly I tell you, I do not know." It is a definitive sentence, the fault of five fools who had not loved Jesus in life and had not cared for their faith. On the other hand, as you live so you die.
Jesus warns us: "Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour."
In this beautiful parable, Jesus returns to reiterate the concept of the need to watch over and consider this life as a preparation for the eternal encounter with God. To explain more clearly the importance of vigilance and to remain self-control in every circumstance Used a customary village when a wedding took place. She narrated a wedding scene.
The Jews considered the wedding ceremony and wedding dinner as the main ceremony of the wedding. Imagine what kind of care they were preparing for the procession and paid attention to the meal that was consumed at the end. At that time there was little to choose, but nowadays almost all weddings are overflowing with foods of all kinds, consuming and squandering a disproportionate amount of food.
The bride and groom can camp excuses and say that for them is the most important day and have to celebrate with plenty of food, and it really is an important day for them, but not for the exaggerated food, abundant, it is important for the Sacrament of Matrimony received in the rite Of Holy Mass! But who understands this?
It is normal to celebrate a wedding in a restaurant, the menu is requested based on the economic possibilities but sometimes it is exceeded, so the climate of genuine celebration and fun must involve everyone, primarily the bridal and then the others. What's wrong is waste and all the food that is thrown away because it is not consumed or consumed overabundantly, the abundant lunches that want to highlight the success of the party and the well-being it possesses.
It is wrong for this opulent and brilliant mentality that sins against poverty and stumbles on the Lord's Gospel.
Returning to the parable of Jesus, the ceremony of marriage provided for the procession as a central part, he went to take the bride to take her to the groom's home. The procession consisted of groom's friends and bride's friends, these had to have the lamps lit up and follow the men to the banquet hall. But when they arrived at the groom's house they did not find it and the women fell asleep. So, the banquet does not run with all those who had participated in the procession, it will be done after the Spouse arrives, who will only enter guests with the lit lamps.
The parabola stops here, the ten virgins accompanying the procession are found in a different condition: five still have oil to keep the candles lit while the other five have no oil and their lamps do not emit any light.
Jesus in the parable highlights the women's procession and identifies them as virgins because the Waiting Bridegroom was Him, the Lord of History. The lit lamp is a symbol of Faith, it is the light shining in the darkness, the oil that is fed is the good works, so without the works the Faith is turned off. He also says the Holy Scripture: "As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead" (James 2:26).
We see the intrinsic reason for the parable told by Jesus. Essentially concerns the Church and believers, especially consecrated souls who live in hie parrocc, groups in associations and in religious communities. In the Church there are souls who watch and await the coming of Jesus, the Bridegroom to celebrate. There are also other souls who have lost their priestly and religious identity, no longer expect Jesus and live as if he did not exist.
Souls holding the lamp lit up for strong and vigorous Faith, other souls instead are off and without Faith, live in the darkness.
All people will sooner or later come to God for the Judgment of the works done in their lives. But many souls, even within the Church, fall asleep and fall asleep, forgetting Jesus and his Gospel. The light of faith thus extinguishes and their works are works of spiritual death. Even atheists and anti-clericals will have to give their lives, no one can be excluded from this Judgment.
But Catholics should always keep the lamp of the Faith on, otherwise they are no longer followers of Jesus. Those who cure their spiritual life and live in the Divine Light, in the moments of suffering or illness find this Light that illuminates them Does not make them fall or fall. While those who have deliberately turned off the lamps and are without Light, in times of difficulty will remain in the darkness and will not come out.
So much so that Jesus in the parable says that the virgin oil-knocking to get in, the Divine Spouse replied: "Truly I tell you, I do not know."
Catholics who now live with the lamp of the Faith turned off, as well as being unable to transmit anything good and fail to perform good works, will find themselves in a very ugly and tragic darkness for their choice. Today may act with malice, slander, trampling the rights of others, hatred and sow discord, but their lamps already are off ... "Truly I tell you, I do not know."
All Catholics are on the Lord's expectation night, each of us then freely chooses to hold his lamp on or off, but if it is determined to keep it off, do not accuse Jesus when storms and storms come in.
And it is true that keeping the lamp lit requires sacrifices, denials, virtuous works. But to stay close to Jesus, He is always present in all circumstances, he helps and heals, never leaves his followers alone, those who really love him. And they love him for their living Faith, which also illuminates the darkness and makes life always joyful and full of inner peace. Good prayers to all.
+ GOSPEL (Lc 1,39-56)
Great things did for me the Almighty: He raised the humble.
E - The song of praise to the young Mary raised to God Almighty, contains great truths and makes us know in part the qualities of this maiden. It is still a young country girl when she receives in her womb the eternal Son of God, the Almighty becomes the Son of Mary of Nazareth.
The Magnificat is a canticle in the first chapter of the Gospel of Luke in which Mary praises and thanks God because he has graciously deigned to free his people. It is also known as the Canticle of Mary, and the name comes from the first word of the Latin translation "Magnificat anima mea Dominum" .
When he elevated this Thanksgiving, the Son of God had already embodied in her, and the Vergine Maria with humility recognize the infinite mercy of God, "he has done great things for me to do all things." Indeed in you what happened will never happen again in history, and is surprisingly aware of God's intervention in Her choice not as a simple woman who was to give the Invisible Body.
She was chosen to become the Mother of God.
"He has done great things for me to do all things." Only those who are humble recognize God's intervention in his life.
Each of us can repeat the same words because God really does great things in us.
If we fail to recognize it is certainly a problem due to confusion or to which little attention is paid to the spiritual life. Many believers have never thought about the closeness of Jesus in times of suffering, they do not give him credit for what evolves positively.
Not only life itself is a gift, everything that gives us all the time is a blessing.
So we must thank him every day and repeatedly, because in thanksgiving are expressing our gratitude to a Father who loves us as we are and always wants to fill us with gifts.
Maybe just we know the Father because we know little Jesus, his Son.
From the works of Jesus we can also understand how the Father acts, have in common the same Spirit while being distinct persons. Thought is unique, as unique is the will. No inspiration that comes from God is to be attributed to the will of one of the three Divine Persons, because the will is the same.
The Lady in the Magnificat teaches us to thank God for everything he has given us, for the love he has for each of us.
This feast of her Assumption into heaven in body and soul, not only reveals his condition after leaving this world, it indicates to us that we are called to imitate the lives of Vergine Maria to earn Heaven.
Her Assumption highlights in a Creature God's victory over death, a victory that will repeat even those who follow the Gospel.
It is an Assumption which shows the importance of the purity of body, heart, mind.
Our Lady was the Immaculate Conception, but in life moment by moment was committed to stay fully adhering to the will of God and to practice the virtues, partly because of the persecution that did not fail to you and to his family.
We must focus on the importance of the purity of the whole person. It is true that it is fragile and can be used to confession after a fall, but those who pray often falls short and does not have control of his will.
It is not enough prayer to attain purity, as even many of those who pray are indiscriminately and do not know what to do in life and where to orient in the most confused moments. This concerns all the choices in their lives, as they follow and repeat those habits already established.
Many Catholics who go to Mass every day and recite many prayers, always make mistakes due to lack of discernment.
So, not only prayer to give the real turning point in life and to raise to the supernatural, it is determined by the inner and outer purification. It is a journey made in joy and not in breaking, in thanksgiving to God and not in the personal complacency.
The constant and precise purification allows us to get a lot of inspiration and there is only one way to find out when they come to God, because Satan is both their imaginations play stronger and more prevalent in vulnerable people. Even if they pray a lot.
We ask the Virgin Mary to help in the purification of the internal and external senses, the imagination in check and send us your humility, to recognize our weakness and to react with humility when our mind wanders and selects human convenience. Good prayer to all

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